We know you depend on your machines to work when you need them to. We also know that our equipment gets used hard. That’s why we offer the Protection Plus extended warranty. This plan is backed by Bobcat and it allows you to purchase additional protection on your machine’s powertrain, powertrain & hydraulics, or the full machine – and it goes well beyond the scope of the standard Bobcat warranty. Our multiple plan options give you protection against defects in materials and/or workmanship to keep your equipment running and your jobs completed on time.

What Does The Extended Warranty Plan Provide?

Gives You Piece Of Mind

Protect your Bobcat machine with additional warranty coverage

For a small investment, you can protect your Bobcat machine with additional warranty coverage to minimize your repair costs. If machine issues do occur, you know in advance that you are covered.

A Higher Resale Value

Bobcat Protection Plus Extended Warranty

If you sell your machine, any remaining Protection Plus extended warranty coverage can be transferred to the new owner. The extended warranty also tells a prospective buyer that your machine received superior care and maintenance.

Better Risk Management

Bobcat Protection Plus Extended Warranty

By providing a comfortable shield of protection against repairs due to defects in materials or workmanship, an extended warranty greatly decreases your exposure to financial risk.

No Deductible

get a higher resell value with our Bobcat warranty coverage

Your Protection Plus extended warranty pays for the cost of any warrantable repair, with no deductible required.

It’s Backed By Bobcat

enjoy a warranty fully backed by Bobcat

This plan is fully backed by Bobcat to ensure you’ll be as confident as we are in our products. It includes factory-backed parts and labour coverage, and it’s honored at any authorized Bobcat dealer.

Protection Plus Extended Warranty Plans

We offer three robust protection packages, each covering a variation of your equipment’s essential components. They are:

  • Extended Powertrain Warranty – Covers engine and transmission components

  • Extended Powertrain & Hydraulics Warranty – Covers engine, transmission and hydraulic components

  • Full Warranty Coverage – Covers engine, transmission, hydraulic and electrical components

Protection Plus Extended Warranty Coverage Durations

Our Bobcat Protection Plus extended warranty coverage comes in a number of duration options, allowing you to choose the plan that works best for you. Does your machine get used everyday? Do you intend on keeping it around for the long haul? No matter your long or short-term plans, we have the length to suite your operation needs.

Hours24 Months36 Months48 Months60 Months

Time periods defined above include the original standard warranty period, which may vary depending on product and delivery date.

Want to find the Protection Plus extended warranty plan that’s right for you? Contact us today!