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Snow Pusher

Clear out your big winter jobs with our snow pusher rental attachment. Its wide body and open bottom gives you pure pushing power for maximum snow removal speed and efficiency and with its high collecting and holding capacity, larger areas can be easily cleared without having to stop as often. Also, the flotation and oscillation of the moldboard allows the snow pusher to remain in contact with the ground without damaging decorative and sensitive surfaces. Rent the snow pusher attachment today!

Used For

  • Clearing parking lots, building sites & driveways
  • Pushing snow from paving stones, decorative concrete & sloped sidewalks


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  • Monthly Cost: Request a Quote


  • Abrasion-Resistant Skid Shoes: Delivers maximum snow pushing results.
  • Blade Flotation and Oscillation: The free-floating blade movement gives lift, tilt and oscillation, keeping the moldboard in contact with the ground.
  • Bob-Tach™ Attachment Mounting System: Quick and easy attachment swap out.
  • Cutting Edge Support: The rear support on the cutting edge gives added strength to the moldboard.
  • End Wings: Keep the snow in the attachment and prevents it from spilling over.
  • Exterior Gusseting: Reduces the snow build-up inside the boxed blade, allowing for more snow collecting.
  • Rubber Cutting Edge: Delivers pushing power while protecting any sensitive surfaces.

Snow Pusher

Snow Pusher - 8'

    1,122 lb
    56.2 in
    102 in
    37.8 in
    .75 x 5 in AR400
    2.3 in
  • TILT
    +/- 4.5 degrees

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israel Gonzalez
israel Gonzalez
Great service.
Andy Simpson
Andy Simpson
Helpfully guys. They know their equipment and are always able to solve my needs
Amanda Posella
Amanda Posella
I just want to say thank you to Ryan from bobcat of Brampton for helping me out with my purchase he’s really genuine and he works extremely hard to provide you an excellent service I would recommend my friends and family to Ryan and we will continue doing business with him in the future
Lucas Nochez
Lucas Nochez
Bobcat of Toronto is one of the industry's leading parts, service and sales dealerships in Ontario. With the combination of an experience sales department, some of the most highly skilled and quite reliable and dependable service department personnel as well as a large and expansive inventory, Bobcat of Toronto is your one-stop-shop for all your service and mechanical needs. With a ready-to-go rental department, Bobcat of Toronto provides customers with a renewed dedication to support customers and all their basic and complex service requirements. With quality personnel like the highly knowledgeable and friendly Chris Willerton and an incomparable front desk of quality parts specialists, including Wade, Jessie and Andrew, Bobcat of Toronto is one of the best dealer experiences, hands down that will give customer a pleasant experience, every time they walk through their doors.
Paul Singh
Paul Singh
First time renting directly through Bobcat and they were great! If renting ask to talk to Chris, he was very helpful, reliable and customer service was awesome!