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Built for rugged removal jobs, the scraper attachment slides along the ground and easily breaks up packed materials to leave a smooth surface for walking or driving. Use it to easily remove stubborn, packed-on materials and buildup such as mud, snow and ice or to aid in carpet and floor tile removal. With a self-sharpening cutting edge, it simply cuts under the material to be removed and peels it away. It is a go-to attachment for any fleet, including universities, construction cleanup, snow removal, and commercial carpet and floor tile removal.


Used For

  • Removing hard-packed snow, mud & ice
  • Scraping away carpet and floor tile
  • Driveways, sidewalks, parking lots & bike paths


  • Self-Sharpening Cutting Edge: Slides along any surface.
  • Versatility: Breaks up hard-packed, wet materials and stubborn, dry materials.



    172 lb
    55 in
    45 in
    19 in
    22 in

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