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Boring Unit

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Boring Unit

The boring unit attachment saves you time and money when tearing up sidewalks, driveways or other paved areas. This hydraulically powered attachment bores horizontally to accommodate pipe or cable up to 4-in in diameter, and after boring, it works to pull the pipe or cable through the hole. The frame allows the drive head to be mounted in three positions, on the center, right or left side, to position it directly next to obstacles and exactly where the operation is desired.


Compatible Models:

Bobcat S70, MT55, MT100, L23 & L28


Used For

  • Installing irrigation lines & flexible water pipes
  • Installing electrical, telephone & television cables


  • Boring Depth: Bores up to 2-ft deep and up to 30-ft horizontally.
  • Manual Guide Rod: Starts the bit at the proper angle to ensure accurate drilling.
  • Three Positions: Allows the attachment to be positioned directly next to obstacles.
  • Versatility: Available with various sizes of bits, reamers and rock heads.

Boring Unit


    • WEIGHT
      130 lb
    • HEIGHT
      17.5 in
    • LENGTH
      26.8 in
    • WIDTH
      36 in
      38.2 in
      25.2 in

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