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Machine IQ enhances the support we are able to provide for your Bobcat machine – enabling a stronger partnership to maximize your uptime. With the help of durable electronics built into Bobcat equipment, machine data is made available to you and your machine monitoring specialist, which enables us to increase the level of service that we can provide to you.

What is Machine IQ?

Machine IQ uses electronic communications technology to make you aware of a machine’s status at any time, from a computer or mobile device. Your Bobcat machine includes a device that enables us to monitor machines remotely. This information enables us to provide a higher level of service with visibility to critical codes, regular maintenance requirements and theft monitoring. We use this information to respond proactively to the service needs of your machine, providing the best possible uptime and productivity.

Machine IQ provides you with up-to-the-minute information about your machine’s location, operating hours and fuel level.

What information can I see?

Via the operator portal at, you can access machine information as well. This enables you to watch your machines more closely and proactively perform service to maximize productivity.

At, you can access:

  • Machine location
  • Operation hours
  • Fuel level

Additional machine data will be available with future updates.

What information will Oaken Equipment see?

To provide the Machine IQ service, your equipment transmits machine location, operating hours and fault codes to us:

  • Each time it is started/stopped
  • Every 20 minutes while running
  • Each time a critical code occurs
  • When the machine is moving and not running (trailering mode)

The data is sent via satellite or cellular communication, at no charge to you. Service is provided for 36 months.

Complimentary Machine Monitoring Service

This FREE service is a standard install on most new Bobcat equipment. An event triggers action from the machine monitoring specialist. The machine monitoring specialist engages with the service team and coordinates with your sales specialist as needed.

Critical Code Awareness: How It Works

our machine generates a critical code. The machine monitoring specialist at our dealership receives a notification of the error. The machine monitoring specialist reviews the code, identifies the severity of the issue and reaches out to you, if needed, to resolve it.

Regular Maintenance Planning: How It Works​

Your machine’s hour meter reaches a level where regularly scheduled maintenance is recommended. Our dealership’s machine monitoring specialist receives a notification of the upcoming service needed and reviews the options for completing the recommended maintenance with you.

Theft Monitoring: How It Works​

If you feel your machine has been stolen, call our dealership. Our dealership’s machine monitoring specialist will review the last reported position of your machine and relay that to you for follow-up.

Centralized Machine Information Access​

Remotely monitor key machine data at

  • Machine location
  • Operating hours
  • Fuel level

Additional information will be available with future updates.

To learn more about Bobcat Machine IQ, get in touch with one of our branches.