Road Construction, Asphalt & Paving Equipment

Whether you’re paving new roads or parking lots, reconstructing or maintaining, we have a comprehensive range of Bobcat equipment that will turn your job site into a hive of productivity. Our Bobcat solutions for the road construction industry are meant to help you achieve more, faster and at a lesser cost.

Our asphalt & paving inventory usually consists of large, air-conditioned units that will eliminate the need for dedicated machinery, and perform exceptionally well on both hard and soft construction surfaces. Get the unrivaled capacity you need to deliver quickly and increase cost efficiency. Each Bobcat machine is a tough animal and your job site becomes grazing ground.

High Speed, High Volume, High Productivity

For over half a century, the Bobcat brand has lived up to its reputation, providing a portfolio of powerful equipment and accessories that handle the rough grading, fine grading and surfacing activities necessary for road construction. Most asphalt and paving contractors prefer and highly recommend Bobcat product solutions that are larger (both height and length), and that do not cause undesirable segregation in the asphalt mix.

Compact Track Loaders

Bobcat compact track loaders bring dedicated performance to your paved surfaces construction projects. Leverage superior performance during site preparation, grading and digging. Bobcat CTLs use permanently lubricated idlers and track tensioning is achieved with just a grease gun. Moreover, Bobcat’s single track design for all models makes maintenance dramatically easier.

Bobcat CTLs also feature greater pushing force, flotation and ground disturbance benefits over similar equipment in the industry. Bobcat CTLs work well even in soft, sandy wet or muddy conditions. With a Bobcat Track Loader, it’s just a matter of pushing through and getting the job done.

Skid-Steer Loaders

Designed to provide maximum vertical lift, Bobcat Skid-Steer Loaders have the reach you need to stay away from the paver, and the height you need to load trucks. Comes with fingertip attachment control, and enhanced serviceability with transverse mounted engine for easier access. Choose from a variety of tough skid-steer loaders, each one a force to be reckoned with at the job site.

Toolcat Work Machine

Bring complete versatility to your work site with Bobcat Compact Toolcat work machine. This one machine replaces dedicated angle brooms, small loaders, and utility vehicles. The AWS mode helps extend tire life and minimize surface damage. It also lifts impressive loads, and works with both front-mounted attachments and rear-mounted implements. Quickly becomes your most versatile asphalt and paving worker.

Road Construction, Asphalt & Paving Attachments

A diverse range of attachments, suited for all purposes, is one of the key reasons why Bobcat equipment provides a clear advantage over the competition. Buckets and planers are the most popular, but we have multiple options to help your productivity soar.

  • Buckets most widely used Bobcat attachment. Features excellent breakout force to improve digging and bucket filling.
  • Planer widely used attachment that eliminates patching by grinding high spots to be flush with the existing street surface. Also creates water resistant patches, and planes asphalt and concrete where larger milling machines can’t.
  • Hydraulic Breaker A-grade attachments known to be the hardest hitters in their respective energy class. Equipped with a new mounting system that allows a quick change from skid-steer loader mount to excavator mount. Optimal versatility on the go. Plus you also get wear compensation mounting!
  • Wheel Saw great for cutting through portions of asphalt (e.g. for patch repair, access to utilities, etc.). Works far better than the typical air breakers.
  • Auger dig holes with speed and plumb-line accuracy in tough conditions.
  • Sweeper sweep, clean, or scrape mud either forward or backward. Equipped with a reversible cutting edge that helps cut loose asphalt aggregate.
  • Grapple facilitates easy handling of hard-to-handle materials, including scrap and waste.
  • Clamp easily move broken concrete and other odd-shaped objects.
  • Angle Broom still using dedicated machines for sweeping? Increase utilization of Bobcat equipment by displacing these existing machines.
  • Tilt-Tatch serves as an interface between Bob-Tach and attachment to keep loads level on uneven terrain.
  • Box Blade provides the fastest and most accurate method of grading. Save time and grade without losing accuracy.

With Bobcat, you get the industry’s Best – whether you’re looking for a powerful machine that works efficiently under harsh conditions or just that useful attachment that could double your productivity! Get more work done faster, at a lesser cost.

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Lincoln Construction has been leading the way in asphalt paving and concrete work since their inception in 1977. When they’ve got a job to finish, they need powerful and reliable equipment, that’s why they’ve been using Bobcat machines for 30 years.

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