Are you looking to reduce costs and operate faster during your next pipe laying, plumbing, pipefitting or steam fitting project? As one of the best-rated plumbing equipment lines in the county, we supply powerful Bobcat equipment that’s ideal for both residential and commercial plumbing projects.

Zero Limit Operation

We recognize that a lack of abundant skilled labor can be a limiting factor in the plumbing business. Luckily, Bobcat’s versatile, time saving equipment fills the gap. Our plumbing machines increase your productivity and simplify plumbing tasks so that you need fewer operators to work much faster.

360° Customer Support

We recognize that in the plumbing business, it all boils down to machine availability when you need it. Customer service is our #1 priority and we stand behind our products and provide an all-around support service covering our Bobcat parts so that you have no machine downtime.

Accomplish a Lot More

The Bobcat skid-steer loaders and mini excavators are the two most common (and useful) pieces of equipment for plumbing contractors. These machines enable you to tackle a wide variety of tasks, like:

– Excavating – Lifting & raising materials
– Backfilling – Handling & moving materials
– Digging and trenching – Cleaning & preparing the jobsite
– Hauling– Loading & unloading
– Grading & levelling

Recommended Machines

No matter what project you’re trying to accomplish, we have a machine for that. Bobcat brings enhanced performance to skilled plumbers so you’ll demonstrate a high level of craftsmanship while dramatically scaling down costs on your next plumbing project. Here are the most popular machine choices by plumbing and pipefitting industry workers:

  • Bobcat Compact Excavators These are the most popular machines for plumbing contractors, primarily used for excavating and trenching. Both conventional (optimized for access to the jobsite) and the new Zero-Tail Swing (optimized for digging in tight spots) models are available. Our smallest excavators allow indoor access for winter jobs while the FastTrack feature increases your productivity during backfilling, grading and moving around the jobsite. Both short and extendable arm excavators are available upon request.
  • Bobcat Skid-Steer Loaders Closely following excavators as a popular model for plumbing contractors, they’re primarily used for backfilling, moving materials, grading and leveling. Bobcat Skid-Steer Loaders run on transverse mounted engines that are easy to maintain and with the extensive range of attachments available in our inventory, you get topline versatility.
  • Bobcat Compact Track Loaders Bobcat CTLs live up the company’s maxim – they’re incredibly tough animals. They feature an aggressive track system that is designed for greater digging performance and a rubber float system for flotation and traction in soft and muddy conditions. You’ll work comfortably with minimal bumps and vibrations using the industry’s most powerful CTLs.
  • Bobcat Mini Track Loaders Our mini track loaders are designed to increase your performance and efficiency at a minimal cost. They are great for backyard jobs because they have very low ground pressure and cause minimal turf damage. Also, their small size enhances accessibility in tight areas. This model is an entry level machine in terms of cost, transport requirements and employee training. It’s easily towable around town behind a small pickup and it greatly simplifies work for plumbing contractors operating in areas where trenches aren’t as deep.
  • Bobcat Utility Vehicles If you’re an emerging plumbing company working on small projects, the Bobcat utility vehicle might not be ideal for now. But if you’re tackling large development projects such as laying a main on a new road, our utility vehicle becomes your most versatile worker. It easily doubles or triples productivity and transports workers and materials from one site to the other. Plus, operators don’t need to be insured to run the Bobcat utility vehicle.

Plumbing & Pipefitting Attachments

Bobcat machines deliver immense power that transform your job site into a hive of activity and attachments provide an excellent way to enhance versatility at a baseline cost. Our attachment range allows you to do many more things without having to purchase dedicated machines. This saves you time, money and headaches. Available attachments include:

  • Clamp Use the Bobcat clamp attachment to remove big rocks and clear debris. Also, it doubles up as a highly practical accessory to lift piping and place them in the trench!
  • Trencher Dig up to 5-ft deep.
  • Backhoe The Bobcat backhoe attachment turns a loader into an excavator for added versatility.
  • Auger Brings more speed when digging holes and plumb-line accuracy in areas where pipes have to turn.
  • Hydraulic Breaker Bobcat breakers are just what you need to break concrete for new development, especially in metro areas and in situations where remodeling work is needed.
  • Bucket Easily haul dirt and other large items.
  • Grapple Easily picks up large pieces of debris or rock and takes them away from your job site.
  • Plate Compactor Compact any trench to standard density compaction requirements.
  • Dozer Blade Everything you need to level, pile or grade loose dirt, gravel or sand. You can also use the Dozer blade to backfill around foundation, create runoff grades, fill trenches and sculpt landscape areas.

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