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If you’re looking for the best landscaping equipment for the job, we here at Bobcat are ready to match you with the right machine and attachment combo. For even the most seasoned workers, landscaping properties can be a challenging task. Choosing the correct piece of Bobcat equipment will allow you to dig, lift and move faster than ever before. We’re ready to show you the most advanced landscaping equipment available while offering up advice and support along the way.

Choose the Best Equipment for Your Landscaping Job

Get your project moving with the newest and most advanced landscaping machinery in the industry. Popular solutions for landscaping businesses include:

  • Compact Excavators – With zero tail swing and a diesel-fueled engine, our excavators offer maximum efficiency as they dig up dirt in the most difficult spaces.
  • Skid-Steer Loaders – These four-wheeled job site powerhouses are compatible with a wide variety of attachments. They also offer maximum reach at mid-range heights.
  • Compact Track Loaders – Bobcat’s CTL’s are complete with Tier 4 engines. Maneuvering in and around the job site with ease, they offer superior lifting performance while creating minimal turf damage.
  • Mini-Track Loaders – Available in two separate models (MT55 and MT85), our multifunctional MTL’s are easy to control as they go to work removing snow, carrying materials, digging and trenching.
  • All-Wheel Steer Loaders – Our A770 loader is a top-of-the-line asset featuring a tight turning radius, minimal surface damage, and reduced tire wear. Its controls also allow you to easily switch its function from all-wheel steer to skid-steer.
  • Toolcat Work Machines – Our highly efficient toolcats are available in two models (5600 and 5610). With a speed of 17mph, these machines allow you to carry equipment and passengers to different locations with ease.

Landscaping Equipment Attachments

One of the most important aspects of landscaping is versatility. Bobcat of Toronto’s wide range of attachments includes solutions for any task. We recommend the following attachments for landscaping:

  • Augers – Our auger units drill between 6 to 48 inches in diameter. Available in seven different sizes, this attachment comes in handy when planting trees and building fences.
  • Trenchers – With your choice between manual or hydraulic side-shift, trenchers are perfect for work in compact areas, digging holes up to 5 feet deep.
  • Buckets – These trusty attachments will dig and haul heavy landscaping materials to any location. Available in 8 separate sizes, Bobcat’s sturdy, general-purpose buckets are a staple attachment.
  • Clamps – Compatible with a trenching bucket and three-tine grapple, this adjustable work tool securely grabs on to irregular-shaped, heavy objects such as concrete and stones with ease.
  • Soil Conditioners – With the ability to turn both left and right at a 25-degree angle, our conditioners will tend to any dirt surface you set it on. Watch as it effortlessly penetrates the soil, separating the landscape of debris and any other harmful waste.
  • Landscape Rakes – While our soil conditioners separate dirt from debris, our rakes will smooth out and successfully level your surface. Available in two sizes (5B and 6B), this piece works in widths between 60 and 72 inches.
  • Grapple – While intimidating in appearance, this grapple certainly gets the job done, handling large quantities of tough material. Find the right fit for your skid-steer or CTL, as the piece is available in models between 36 and 80 inches in length.
  • Tiller – Running along your surface, this device readies your soil for seeding and planting. Available in three sizes, their mounting feature works on even rougher surfaces such as concrete sidewalks and curbs.
  • Snow Blades – Remove snow off your property with the flick of a switch. These heavy-duty blades come in five separate models (54, 60, 72, 84, and 90). Working on sidewalks, driveways and parking lots, snow blades battle the elements with their optional end wing kit. This feature instantly converts the snow blade into a pusher.
  • Landplane – This cost-effective, multifunctional attachment levels sod and removes debris, while taking care of grading and aerating. It is also able to transport heavy-duty material.

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