Bobcat Concrete Construction Equipment

From laying slab foundations and making concrete basements for new real estate developments, to paving sidewalks and building bridges, Bobcat equipment handles tough concrete construction jobs with open arms. Bobcat’s industry leading prowess gives you superior performance so you can double your productivity and dilute your costs.

At Oaken Equipment, there are two words we hold sacred: maximum productivity. With steadfast efficiency, our powerful machinery is built to withstand the worst of weather conditions, powering through almost any terrain you plant it on. We make it our goal for each customer to leave with the right machine and attachments for their projects. If you’re looking to expand your concrete construction fleet, here are the best pieces of equipment for the job.

All-Project Bobcat Advantage

Get the Bobcat advantage for all of your concrete construction tasks, including but not limited to planning, trenching, demolition, site preparation, grading, auguring, footings digging, compaction and backfilling. The most popular machines in our concrete construction inventory include:

Bobcat Compact Excavators

Our wide range of Bobcat compact excavators are the most dynamic tool for the concrete construction industry. When looking for the right excavator, you want a machine that never gives out. One that will deliver top-of-the-line performance from the beginning of a project all the way to the finish line. At Oaken Equipment, our Bobcat excavation equipment has built a solid reputation as some of the most reliable in the industry. With attractive features such as zero to minimal tail swing and the fast-track option, you can confidently accomplish more with minimized chances of damaging trees, buildings, and any other objects on your job site. Popular models include:

  • Bobcat E20 Excavator With zero tail swing, this machine works perfectly in the tightest of areas. Its undercarriage is able to retract to just 39-in in length and in wider spaces, it is able to expand as far as 54- in.
  • Bobcat E42 Excavator This model has a conventional tail swing, which offers proper rotation as well as a flexible reach for those uncomfortable spaces any operator dreads.
  • Bobcat E88 Excavator The E88 features digging capabilities unlike any other on the market. Its redesigned engine, counterweight improvement & optimized lift performance make it one of the highest performing excavators in its size class.
  • Bobcat E145 Excavator Time to call in the big guns. The E145 delivers the power and performance needed to take on the biggest jobs. Class-leading hydraulics provide reliable, steady power to the E145 work group, saving time with every digging cycle.

Bobcat Skid-Steer Loaders

Bobcat skid-steer loaders provide all-around visibility for increased speed of work, safety and overall efficiency. You can manually operate each time-saving attachment with the loader’s fingertip control, plus our legendary transverse mounted engine provides easy access to all maintenance points.

Searching for the right loader? From the simple control of joystick, Bobcat’s skid-steer loaders are renowned for both their simplicity and efficiency. Our company’s manually-operated, four-wheel machines provide a swift and consistent performance, as well as a variety of suitable attachments. Our most popular skid-steer loaders are:

  • Bobcat S66 Skid-Steer Loader Fast and reliable in the toughest terrain, the S66 R-Series loader comes standard with 2-speed travel, a Tier 4 diesel engine and 74 hp of lifting and braking power.
  • Bobcat S76 Skid-Steer Loader With a 2,900 ROC and vertical lift path, get increased cycle times on the job while maneuvering around any obstacle in your path in this popular R-Series loader.
  • Bobcat S770 Skid-Steer Loader Get big productivity and performance for digging, loading, pushing, grading and other tough assignments. This 92 hp beast is ideal for the jobs that require a little extra power.

Bobcat Compact Track Loaders

Enjoy improved serviceability and all-round visibility with Bobcat compact track loaders. Bobcat’s tracks use permanently lubricated idlers and grease-gun track tensioning and their single track design makes it easier to maintain and change the equipment. Fast and fuel-efficient, our track loaders are ideal for digging, transporting and loading material. Complete with advanced, permanently lubricated Bobcat tracks, CTL’s have proven to be a cost-effective machine that delivers top-tier performances on the job site. Our most popular models include:

  • Bobcat T66 Track Loader Ready when you are. The T66 has a redesigned Bobcat inline engine and direct-drive system, lift arms with cast-steel construction and improved cooling performance get the job done.
  • Bobcat T76 Track Loader This R-Series machine has been optimized to deliver more usable horsepower and performance to hep you complete bigger jobs in less time.
  • Bobcat T770 Track Loader Armed with an 11 ft vertical lifting height, the diesel-powered T770 is yet another Tier 4 CTL perfect for transporting and loading materials.

Bobcat Compact Wheel Loaders

Our new Bobcat compact wheel loaders are taking the concrete construction industry by storm. They offer incredible visibility, impressive pushing power and a high bucket capacity, giving your operator the edge while on the job. With two models to choose from, you’ll get the right size for the project.

  • Bobcat L65 Wheel Loader With a high bucket capacity, high lift height, impressive maneuverability and swift travel speeds, you can’t beat the material handling capabilities of the Bobcat L65.
  • Bobcat L85 Wheel Loader This highly maneuverable wheel loader also offers a high bucket capacity, impressive material-handling capabilities, excellent pushing power and leading versatility to accomplish more with one machine.

Concrete Construction Attachments

Each Bobcat attachment is made to conveniently fit your respective machine. Our wide range of construction attachments are easy to install, reliable and capable of powering through challenging terrain.

  • Breaker We deliver the hardest-hitting breakers in their respective impact energy class. Unleash Bobcat power to easily break through concrete, rock and asphalt. Plus, the X-change mounting system allows for a quick switch between a loader mount to an excavator mount in no time.
  • Combination Bucket Versatility is key to increasing productivity and minimizing costs in the concrete construction setting. Bobcat has got an attachment for anything, from deep diggers to branch mulchers.
  • Clamp With a firm mechanical grasp, this object is used to grab hold of concrete, rock as well as other rough substance.
  • Grapple Bucket With an intimidating, jaw-like appearance, Bobcat’s dual-cylinder, industrial grapple can do no wrong as it holds and transports heavy materials from point A to B.
  • Box Blade Delivering accurate grading, while requiring less operator input, our laser kits are ideal for concrete flatwork. Bobcat laser attachments bring precision to your grading for any operator. This attachment will pay for itself in saved labour and concrete. It might even pay for the machine if flatwork is your specialty.
  • Drop Hammer Searching for safe and effective demolition equipment? Complete with a cushioned safety valve, Bob-tach mounting system, and a reliable locking mechanism, this motor-powered device delivers over 3,600 pounds in impact energy.
  • Asphalt Planer If you plan to cut and mill asphalt as well as other rough surfaces, our asphalt planer features a built-in free-floating oscillation system and replaceable ski wear pads among other accessories.
  • Wheel Saw Used to cut into tough surfaces, including those close to curbs and walls, Bobcat’s road saw includes side cutter teeth, hydraulic depth adjustment and side-shift.
  • Concrete Mixer The name of this attachment pretty much describes itself. Along with mixing your concrete, this piece also allows you to effectively transport and dump the remaining contents once the task is finished.
  • Sweeper Our state-of-the-art sweeper design, complete with powerful poly bristles, easily cleans your chosen surface and disposes of the debris.
  • Trencher Large diameter auger with a tapered design that removes more materials from the side of a trench, thus reducing the spoil falling back into the trench.

Triple+ Productivity with Laser Attachments

Automatic laser control means less fatigue, less operator output, faster travel speeds and better accuracy. With Bobcat laser-enabled grading, one operator can do in one day what two operators can do in three days using hand surveying techniques. Truly – your easy, accurate way to a big pay.

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