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Maximize turf health in any size backyard, landscape or athletic field with Bobcat aerators. Built to achieve exceptional soil health, these aerators allow nutrients and water to penetrate deep into the roots.

With widths ranging from 19 to 72 inches, Bobcat turf renovation aerators provide you with the flexibility to maneuver through smaller spaces or tackle larger areas of land with ease. The AE19, AE26 and AE30S models feature user-friendly handlebar controls for easy operation, while the tow-behind AE72 model boasts cast-iron aeration wheels and customizable weight trays for better tine penetration on all types of landscapes. Maintenance is made easy with open access to critical components, so you can stay productive longer.

Keeping Your Job Up & Running

We understand that when your equipment stops working, so does your business. Don’t let equipment problems slow you down. Between our Toronto, Windsor, Barrie and Muskoka branches, we have 12 fully equipped service trucks and over 25 highly-skilled, factory-trained and certified Bobcat technicians either on the road or at our dealerships. Let our team take care of your Bobcat equipment with our wide range of authorized Bobcat tools and diagnostic equipment.

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