How to Prepare Your Compact Tractor for Snow Removal

Posted By On 20 Sep 2023
How to Prepare Your Compact Tractor for Snow Removal

With autumn coming to an end and winter creeping up, it is definitely time to start thinking about how you are going to get through the coldest season. A big part of that plan should include how you intend to manage the snow on your property.

While some winters may come with considerably more precipitation than others, it is always necessary to have an effective means for removing this snow; otherwise, it will pile up and cause all sorts of logistical nightmares. 

If you are expecting to have a decent amount of snow, you may want to get your hands on a compact utility tractor. These machines have a reputation for being winter workhorses and are incredibly effective when it comes to snow removal

Bobcat compact tractors have enough power to deal with heavy snow while also being extremely easy to maneuver so that you can work wherever you need. 

The winter capabilities of this tractor also largely stem from the fact that they can use a wide variety of attachments, such as a loader bucket, a front snow blower, a rear snowblower and a front snow blade. All these attachments are effective for snow removal, depending on the conditions you are working with.

The Best Ways to Prepare a Compact Tractor for Snow Removal

Once you’ve brought home a Bobcat compact tractor, your snow-removal journey will be considerably easier. Still, there are a few things that you will have to do to make sure this tractor is completely ready for the cold season.

Like any heavy equipment used for a specific purpose, a compact tractor for snow removal will work best when it has been fully prepared. 

The following are some of the main things you can do to ready your compact tractor for snow removal, ensuring its effectiveness this winter:

1. Test Out Your Attachments & Implements

Since there are specific attachments that are crucial to clearing snow with a compact tractor, it is vital to check ahead of time that such attachments connect to the tractor without any issues and that they work as intended. 

The best way to do this is to install them before the first snowfall and go for a quick practice run. That way, if anything is not functioning properly, you have the time necessary to repair it and get it back in working order.

When it comes to compact tractor attachments for snow removal, a snowblower is one of the best options for clearing large swatches of snow quickly and efficiently, while blades are good for pushing snow on anything, from residential driveways to sizable parking lots. 

Pushers work in a similar way to blades, but they are better suited to clearing snow in hard-to-reach places (like between buildings). 

This is because they have end caps that form a box and thus contain the snow as they move it. If you mostly receive light and fluffy snow in the winter, you may only need a sweeper or broom.

2. Prepare Your Bobcat Tractor’s Tires For Winter

One of the most demanding times of the year for tractor tires is definitely winter. If your compact tractor’s tires are ill-prepared to handle the snow, ice, and slush, the tractor’s general productivity and efficiency will be negatively impacted.

Make sure you thoroughly inspect your tractor’s tires before the start of winter for things like cracking. Extremely low temperatures can intensify such underlying issues, and you may find your tires susceptible to damage if these problems are left unfixed. 

Even if your tires are in good shape heading into winter, the cold temperatures can result in low inflation pressure. If temperatures fluctuate too much or a leak goes unnoticed, it could result in various unwanted consequences, ranging from poor performance to outright failure. 

To safeguard against such issues, make sure you are well aware of the tire pressure your tractor’s tires require for operation, and check the tires’ pressure frequently throughout the season, adjusting them as needed.

In addition to monitoring the pressure of the tractor’s tires, it is crucial to make sure you have the right tires for the job. In slick and slippery winter conditions, radial tires tend to outperform bias tires due to their large and even footprints that place more tread on the ground and provide better traction.

3. Winterize Your Tractor

Since you will be using your compact tractor in much colder conditions than usual, it requires some extra care to make sure it operates smoothly and without issues. This should include taking various measures to winterize it.

For instance, it is important to switch over to a winterized diesel fuel that will not clog up your fuel system or lower your engine performance. It is also necessary to check the tractor’s oil and ensure it is clean and runny. Ensure the filter is clean, too, so your engine continues to be properly lubricated.

If temperatures usually drop significantly where you live, you may also want to install an engine block heater, as this will help the tractor’s engine to start when conditions are especially frigid.

How Oaken Equipment Can Help You Find a Compact Tractor This Winter

To make sure that you have an effective means of removing snow this winter, it is not just necessary to have a compact tractor on hand; it is crucial to have one that is reliable. Fortunately, Bobcat compact tractors are some of the most reliable machines on the market. 

If you are searching for Bobcat compact tractors in Ontario, Oaken Equipment is Canada’s largest Bobcat equipment dealer network. We have a lineup of both compact and subcompact Bobcat tractors, ranging from 21-hp to 58-hp.

The Bobcat compact tractors we have in stock are incredibly comfortable to use, easy to operate, and have the range and versatility to effectively tackle projects of any type. 

If you have any questions about which compact tractor is best for your specific needs, or you want to better understand how to most effectively use your compact tractor for snow removal, our team of equipment experts would be happy to assist you. 

We offer our customers a variety of options for buying both new and used equipment. We also have plenty of rental choices available, so we can meet your needs no matter what.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure all of our customers get the exact equipment they need, and if you visit one of our stores, we will do everything we can for your satisfaction as well. 

For more information about our Bobcat compact tractors in Ontario or to learn about the wide range of other heavy equipment we have from Bobcat and other reputable construction manufacturers, call Oaken Equipment at 1-888-861-1447.

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