How to Get Your Bobcat Equipment Ready for Summer

Posted By On 29 May 2023
How to get your bobcat equipment ready for summer

Right now, you may be enjoying the nice moderate temperatures that spring has brought, but the truth is that summer is right around the corner. That means, before long, you and your crew will be working in the summer heat. 

Summer tends to be a rather busy season for construction work, as it brings about dry working conditions and more daylight. Hot summer weather can be physically exhausting for construction workers, but it can also put a lot of stress on construction equipment.

The combination of being exposed to high temperatures all day long and being exerted further due to longer working days has a direct impact on the wear and tear of heavy equipment. Therefore, when heavy equipment is used in the summer, it can potentially break down quicker than usual. 

Fortunately, with the right preventative measures and proper maintenance, you can minimize the chances of your heavy equipment breaking down and maximize your uptime this summer. That all starts with taking the necessary steps to get it prepared for the upcoming season.

How Can You Prepare Your Bobcat Equipment for Summer

As each season changes, there are necessary adjustments or maintenance practices that you must keep in mind to keep your Bobcat equipment running in tip-top shape, and summer is no different. You definitely want to make sure that you can rely on your Bobcat equipment to get you through one of the busiest seasons of the year, and the right seasonal preparation will help make that possible. 

The following are some of the most important measures to take regarding your Bobcat equipment before heading into summer:

1. Ensure that the cooling system is clear

When temperatures rise in the summer, the cooling systems on your heavy equipment will be working harder than ever to cool down the engine. To ensure that your equipment’s cooling systems do not have to work harder than necessary, it is a good idea to use an air compressor with an air blower and blow out any dust or debris that has collected in the radiator or the cooling packages using low pressure. 

Depending on the equipment that you are using, it may even come with an onboard air compressor that exists for this exact purpose, which you can conveniently use.

2. Check fluid levels

One of the biggest impacts that hot weather has on heavy equipment is on the fluid systems, especially coolant and hydraulic fluid. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check and top off your equipment’s coolant expansion reservoir to ensure that it stays full of fluid rather than air. As you are topping off the coolant in your Bobcat equipment, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind.

First, remember that modern organic acid technology (OAT) coolant is better for newer equipment, while silica-based coolant is better if you have an older machine. You should never mix these two types because it will lead to the coolant gelling, thus reducing its cooling abilities.

Second, you should always check the concentration of the coolant that you use to ensure that it has a 50:50 water-to-coolant ratio. Coolants with a higher water percentage could lead to vapour cavitation in the equipment’s cooling system.

3. Match equipment lubricants to outside temperatures

Equipment manufacturers, like Bobcat, produce engine oil, hydraulic oil, and grease that come in various viscosity levels. The purpose of these different viscosity levels is to accommodate the various temperatures that heavy equipment is used in. When the temperature outside rises in the summer, it is best to use lubricants with higher viscosity grades because they are able to withstand higher temperatures without breaking down. 

On the other hand, if you use lubricants that have lower viscosity grades in the summer when the temperature is hot, it could lead to increased wearing, as the lubricants are likely to thin out while the equipment is in operation. If you are uncertain of which oil or other lubricants to match to your equipment’s operating conditions, refer to your operating manual.

4. Inspect equipment regularly

Inspecting your Bobcat equipment thoroughly and on a daily basis is crucial in the summer and should always be a part of your preventative maintenance plan. In addition to inspecting your equipment’s fluids regularly, you should examine its belts and hoses for signs of discolouration, as this is typically the first sign of overheating. 

You should also always check for signs of possible hydraulic oil leaks, leaks around the seals, and loose bolts, and monitor the air filters for any issues or dust build-up. 

Since hot weather tends to weaken tires, which can lead to a potential blowout, and tire pressure increases as temperatures rise, it is very important to regularly check the tire pressure on your Bobcat equipment. Hot summer weather can also result in the loss of brake friction, so you should make checking the equipment’s brakes part of your daily inspection, too. 

5. Practice proper operation methods

When summer weather hits, it is essential that you and the other operators using your equipment adjust your operation methods accordingly. It is particularly important that you refrain from overworking your Bobcat equipment when it is hot outside, as pushing it beyond its performance parameters could cause it to overheat, resulting in damage to its components and eventual breakdowns. 

It is a good idea to idle the equipment’s engine before shutting it down when you are finished using it, as this will allow it to cool down gradually.

How Oaken Equipment Can Help You Get Your Bobcat Machines Ready for Summer

In addition to the various measures mentioned above that you can do on your own to prepare your Bobcat equipment for summer, it is also always a good idea to have your machines thoroughly inspected before the start of a new season by maintenance professionals that know exactly what to look for. 

Our team of factory-trained technicians is fully equipped to handle any kind of repairs or maintenance work. We will get your Bobcat equipment tuned up so that it is in perfect working order as you head into the summer months.

Although Bobcat equipment is our specialty, we also service non-Bobcat equipment with the same degree of expertise and attention to detail. So, whether you need servicing for your loaders, excavators, tractors, or any other heavy equipment, come and see us and we will take good care of you. 

For more information about our Bobcat equipment servicing options or to learn about our extensive inventory of heavy equipment, call Oaken Equipment at 1-888-861-1447.

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