Essential Snow Removal Machines and Attachments

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Essential Snow Removal Machines and Attachments

One thing that you can always count on when winter comes around in Canada is the arrival of snow…and lots of it! During our winter months, Canada becomes one of the snowiest places on earth. 

In either case, being adequately prepared to deal with all that snow is absolutely necessary. Nobody ever wants to find themselves completely snowed in with nothing more than a shovel. If you equip yourself with proper snow removal equipment and tools, you will have much less to worry about. 

Of course, the equipment that you need will depend on the scope of your expected snow removal. It is crucial to consider factors such as the amount of snow you expect to remove, the frequency of that removal, and the places where you will be removing it. Are you just clearing snow from your property, or are you also helping to clear snow across larger areas, possibly even throughout your municipality? 

As you sort through the answers to all of these questions, it should give you a better indication of the types of snow removal equipment that will be essential to you. With the right combination of machines and attachments, you will be able to get through even the longest winters without issues.

Top Snow Removal Machines and Attachments

Out of all the companies that manufacture snow removal equipment, Bobcat is certainly one of the most reliable. Bobcat’s products are consistently top-quality, especially when it comes to their unstoppable snow-removal machinery and attachments.

Many of their machines come equipped with enclosed cabs and heating, so braving the cold will not be necessary. Plus, every machine and attachment in their wide roster is designed to maximize power, speed, and efficiency. 

The amount of snow that you typically need to clear may impact your decision to either buy or rent your snow removal equipment. However, as long as you can get your hands on the right combination of some of the following Bobcat machines and attachments before the first snowfall of the season, you will be all set to handle whatever is thrown your way.

Top Snow Removal Machines

1. Skid-steer loaders

Due to their high level of maneuverability and impressive traction, skid-steer loaders are extremely versatile and can handle snow removal in both open areas and tight spaces. Skid-steer loaders can also lift and load snow for transport with ease, which is especially handy when you need to clear large areas. 

2. Toolcat™ utility work machines

Toolcat™ utility work machines combine the best features of multiple others all in one unit. Equipped with four-wheel drive and travelling at speeds up to 27 km/h, this machine has impressive traction and power, so you can clear the snow from any area both quickly and efficiently.

3. Compact Wheel Loaders

You’ll find yourself able to get it all done in very little time with the compact wheel loader’s impressive capability to handle high volumes of sleet and snow while still being easy to maneuver. 

Lift and carry increased quantities of material with a stable, durable and reliable machine.

4. Small Articulated Loaders

For big jobs in small spaces, Bobcat’s small articulated loaders offer the versatility needed to get it done. 

Despite the compact size and skillful maneuverability, these impressive machines offer a high lifting capacity, making them perfect for a wide variety of landscaping and maintenance projects.

5. Compact Tractors

Designed for easy-to-use, intuitive operation, compact tractors are one of the most useful and versatile machines for tackling a number of projects. Simple to manevour and is easily paired for a variety of useful attachments. 

6. BOSS Snowrator & BOSS SR MAG

BOSS Snowrators are a game-changer for sidewalk snow removal, providing powerful pushing force and a deicing sprayer that makes plowing and clearing high foot-traffic areas a breeze. 

With a compact design that allows for precise snow removal and nimble movements, you can rely on these machines to get the job done.

Top Snow Removal Attachments

1. Scraper

As the scraper’s convex disc oscillates and spins on the ground, it gets under the snow and ice, breaking it up with its cutting edge and removing it all at once. Scrapers are also conveniently self-sharpening and are available in 36” and 45” models. 

2. Snow blade

If you need to remove snow from a driveway, parking lot, or sidewalk, whether it is light or moderate, a snow blade will make the job significantly easier. Thanks to its impressive blade, which has a 30-degree angle, you can move the snow anywhere you want it. Plus, snow blades come in a variety of models, so no matter what kind of Bobcat machinery you are using, chances are good that a snow blade can be added.

3. Snow bucket

Snow buckets are the perfect attachment when you need to clear significant amounts of snow. Their high backs make it easier to push snow, and their straight sides allow them to cut through large snow piles. They are also offered in a range of sizes from 68” to 100”.

4. Snow pusher

If you intend to clear snow from areas with paving stones, decorative concrete, or sloped sidewalks, the snow pusher is an essential attachment. Its free-floating blade will prevent damage from occurring even when you must remove snow from uneven surfaces. Or, if you must clear hard-packed snow and ice, the blade can remain in a fixed position, making that possible as well. 

5. Snow V-blade

When you must plow through deep snow drifts or push large piles of snow in parking lots, driveways, or roadways, you will definitely want to have access to a snow V-blade. This attachment has a hydraulically operated blade with five different blade configurations. It also has fingertip controls that will allow you to alter its position and maximize your machine’s versatility no matter the situation.

6. Sand & Salt Spreader

Equally adept at spreading fertilizer and seeds in the warmer months as it is at laying down salt and sand for winter maintenance. With a Bobcat spreader attachment, you’ll be able to tackle projects quickly and with consistently even results.

7. Kage Snow Pusher Pro

The Bobcat-Kage snow pusher pro is designed to offer the efficiency of a commercial snow remover. Easily clear heavy snow from parking lots and driveways with the snow pushers’ angled snow blade or snow pusher all-in-one. 

Tough jobs are no match for this heavy-duty snow-clearing machine. 

8. Sweeper

Cleaning and clearing debris, mud and other materials just became a lot easier with this multi-use sweeper attachment. For projects that once would have required multiple machines or attachments, the sweeper now provides a fast and efficient way of clearing it all out.

9. Snowblower

The rotating chute and deflector allow the snowblower attachment to quickly clear a path through even the deepest snow drifts. The chute rotates up to 270°, and the deflector adjusts up or down as needed, giving you maximum control for top efficiency. 

Why Oaken Equipment Is the Best Place to Get Your Snow Removal Equipment This Winter

If you are looking to rent or buy Bobcat snow removal equipment in the GTA, Windsor, Barrie, or Muskoka, Oaken Equipment has you covered. As Canada’s largest Bobcat dealer network, Oaken Equipment carries all of the top-quality machinery from Bobcat’s product line. That includes all of the incredible snow removal machines and attachments mentioned above. 

If you are just looking to learn more about any of Bobcat’s machinery or attachments, our dedicated team of equipment experts would be glad to answer your questions. Since customer satisfaction is our top priority, we will also happily provide you with a demo of any equipment that catches your attention. That way, you can ensure you are bringing home the machine you need before deciding to buy it. 

As well, if you already own Bobcat equipment, or you purchase some from us, and it requires servicing down the line, we have a highly-skilled Bobcat-certified service department. If you would prefer to bring your equipment to us, we can certainly complete any servicing or repairs that you need onsite at one of our locations, or our team of experienced, factory-trained technicians can come directly to you along with one of our fully-equipped service trucks.

We also proudly offer a 30-day warranty on all services that we perform, with few exceptions, since we are confident that you will be satisfied with our work. 

For more information about our wide range of Bobcat snow removal machines and attachments or to book an appointment to demo some of this equipment, call Oaken Equipment at 1-888-OAKEN-11. We are your essential Bobcat dealer in Ontario.

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