Compaction Equipment: The 3 Latest Models You Need to Know About

Posted By On 25 Oct 2023
Compaction equipment: The 3 latest models you need to know about

A compactor is a machine that applies downward pressure on the ground to fill in air pockets so that it is able to sustain heavier weight on an even surface. This kind of compacting is typically done on either dirt, soil, or gravel and makes it possible for heavier machines to be used on this ground with fewer safety hazards. 

Thus, compaction equipment has a wide number of applications. In fact, these machines are incredibly useful tools for commercial and residential construction, asphalt compaction, trench and pipeline construction, landscaping, and road construction. 

Different types of compactor equipment flatten the ground in different ways, and most of them use either static or vibratory force to achieve this effect. Machines that utilize static compaction use their weight to flatten the ground, and vibratory compactors create impacts and vibrations that compress the soil. 

Various types of compactor tools cover different amounts of surface area and apply varying degrees of force. For instance, rammers and plates tend to be smaller, and these tools typically exert less pressure, whereas dirt roller compactors cover a wider area and compress materials using their significant weight.

The Latest Models of Compaction Equipment

Since there is such a wide variety of compaction equipment on the market, it helps to have a solid understanding of the type of jobs that you will require for your compactor before purchasing one. 

When buying the right compaction equipment for your needs, it is also necessary to choose a reliable brand (like Bobcat) to ensure that your machine has the power and longevity to get the job done.

The following are some of the latest models of compaction equipment to consider if you need some high-quality compaction equipment:

1. The Bobcat R60P Rammer

This light compaction rammer has significant power owing to its robust and reliable Honda GXR120 engine. However, it is easy to balance and control because of its cleverly designed low center of gravity, making it simple to precisely maneuver even in tight-fitting spaces.

This machine has an impressive degree of longevity thanks to its advanced air filtration system and the high-quality, durable casing that protects all of its key components. It is also easy to maintain this machine, as all of its service points can be quickly accessed without any specialized tools.

2. The Bobcat FP15.40 Compactor

This small but mighty forward plate compactor is very maneuverable, making it yet another machine that is ideal for compaction work in tight spaces. 

This vibratory compactor can achieve optimal compaction results on any ground material, including sand, gravel, and hot-mix asphalt. It can also be used for applications, such as base compaction in trenches, as well. The Bobcat FP15.40’s Honda GX120 engine is both durable and efficient, providing you maximum power with only minimal fuel consumption. 

This compactor comes with a convenient optional toolless mat that makes it possible to operate the machine on paving stones without worrying about cracking or chipping the surface. 

Thanks to its design, you can minimize hand-arm vibration and fatigue with this compactor, which isolates plate vibrations from the operator’s handle. Its standard water tank and sprinkler system will also help you control dust and keep asphalt from building up on the vibratory base plate.

3. The Bobcat RP22.40 Compactor

With this reversible plate compactor, quick directional changes will be quite easy, and its simple controls and incredible accuracy will make compaction possible in even the tightest spaces. This compactor can tackle many different compaction applications and will be particularly effective in compacting sand, gravel, asphalt, and other granular materials. 

The Bobcat RP22.40’s durable 4.8 hp Honda GX160 engine delivers power compaction force, while the machine’s brilliantly designed base plate allows its power to be distributed evenly for optimum balance.

This machine makes continuous movement compaction and stationary work simple, allowing for fast and efficient work no matter where the job site is. It also has several awesome features, such as its toolless transport wheels, which make it significantly easier to move from place to place, and its vibration-activated hour meter.

How Oaken Equipment Can Help You Find the Latest and Greatest Compaction Equipment

If you require powerful and reliable compaction equipment, Oaken Equipment has a wide variety of compact construction equipment in Ontario that you can choose from. We have a great selection of powerful Bobcat compactors in stock, including each of those mentioned above, that will help boost the efficiency of your construction operation, as they are robust and easy to operate. 

Our team of equipment experts would also be happy to offer guidance if you are uncertain about the kind of compactor best suited for your specific task. You can even book a free demo to see what our machines are like in action. 

Whether you are interested in purchasing this equipment to add to your fleet or just looking to rent it temporarily, we have both options available, and we will gladly work with you to ensure your needs are met.

If you want to give these compactors a spin on a few of your job sites before committing to fully investing in them, we also have a rent-to-buy program in place that you can take advantage of. 

However, we are quite confident that as soon as you get your hands on one of these brilliantly designed and impressively powerful compactors, you will not want to give it up, as it will do wonders for your operation. 
​​For more information about our compact construction equipment in Ontario or to learn more about our stock of the latest compaction equipment in particular, call Oaken Equipment at 1-888-861-1447.

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