8 Tips for a Perfectly Maintained Lawn This Spring

Posted By On 14 Mar 2023
8 Tips for a Perfectly Maintained Lawn This Spring

In most parts of Canada, year-round lawn maintenance is simply impossible. You cannot do much for your lawn when a thick layer of snow completely covers it for the entire winter. However, that does not mean Canadians can just give up on lawn care altogether. It is important that they start actively maintaining it and bringing it back to life as soon as the snow melts in the springtime. 

To maintain a healthy lawn, it is vital to do everything you can from early spring until late fall every year. Lawn maintenance is a key aspect of maintaining your property. 

Therefore, just as it is essential to check your roof for damage or your eavestroughs for blockages at the end of winter, it is necessary to pay attention to the lawn as well. 

After all, having a healthy, beautiful lawn will improve the curb appeal of your house tenfold, whereas neglecting to maintain your lawn will have the opposite effect.

Factors to Consider While Maintaining Your Lawn

Lawn maintenance is a multifaceted process. There are many aspects to it that cannot be ignored without compromising its healthy state after the winter season. The following are some of the most important things that you should keep in mind while maintaining your lawn this spring:

1. Rake Your Grass Gently

The first step in maintaining your lawn at the beginning of the spring is thoroughly but gently raking it. There may still be a few fallen leaves you can rake up at this point, but the main goal is to remove thatch, the dead layer of turf grass from the previous year. A very thin layer of thatch helps preserve nutrients for the soil, but if it becomes more than ½ an inch thick, it can be bad for your grass’s health.

2. Mow With Sharp Blades

When your mower has dull blades, they rip through your grass rather than cleanly slicing them, which places a lot of stress on the lawn. This could eventually make your lawn turn brown. Thus, it is always a good idea to sharpen your mower’s blades before spring starts.

3. Keep Your Grass Longer

To promote growth, prevent weeds, and discourage insects from taking over your lawn, keep the grass on the longer side. This does not mean you should have knee-high grass that your neighbours will hate you for; instead, keeping it at six to eight centimetres in length is perfect. 

Some cities have certain regulations about grass length, so check the rules in your own municipality to ensure that you are not breaking any of them.

4. Water Your Grass Properly

Applying a 2.5 centimetres thick layer of water to your grass will allow the water to get all the way down to its roots. A simple trick to keep track of how much water you have added to your lawn is to place an empty tuna or pet food can on the ground while you are watering and watch to see when it fills up. 

Although thorough watering is crucial, it is also essential to make sure that you do not overwater it. Too much water can actually suffocate your lawn, preventing the soil from getting the oxygen it needs and leading to an unhealthy lawn.

5. Cover Your Grass In Compost

While it is rejuvenating in the spring, your grass will need plenty of food to support grass growth. This is why it’s wise to cover it in compost, as compost is a fantastic source of nutrients.

You can start by simply leaving your grass clippings on top after cutting the lawn and sprinkling organic matter on the grass to promote proper drainage. Composted matter contains microorganisms that are good for your lawn’s health, and it is easy to make by collecting all the organic matter you need to dispose of.

6. Aerate The Compacted Soil

It is hard to imagine exactly how much weight is pressing down on your lawn during the winter months as snow sits on top of it. In most cases, it is heavy enough to make your lawn quite compact.

This is why it is important to aerate the soil by poking holes in it with tools meant for this purpose. Properly aerating your soil will allow water, air, and nutrients to fully reach the roots of your grass, thus helping it to grow.

7. Plant A Lot Of Seeds

It is always better to plant many seeds rather than a few seeds. Even if your lawn already seems like it is full of grass, it does not hurt to add more seeds, especially over areas that appear to be thinning. This can prevent your grass from looking patchy while helping it withstand disease, drought, shady conditions, and insects.

8. Pay Close Attention To Your Lawn

It is essential to watch your lawn closely, especially during the first few weeks of spring, to ensure you catch any issues that arise so you can handle them promptly. 

In addition to keeping an eye out for pests, you should watch for excessive weeds, uneven growth, brown or yellow patches, bald patches, and moss growth. If these matters are left unchecked for too long, they can quickly get out of control.

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